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Looking forward to a straightforward, conducive and economical solution to your lost data?

DataCare Labs will do the needful, in their way and as you say!

DataCare Labs comprehends the weightiness of your data and hence salvages your insurmountable, corrupted, irreversible, damaged or formatted data under its niche expertise. We take pride in our zealous data recovery services which are a benchmark for others in this industry. Our ingenious and progressive approach has answers to your every catastrophic loss of data.

Our services, products and solutions are merited for the purpose of data handling while ensuring the security of our client’s data. We have the competence, technology and the multi faceted team of professionals prepared to solve your case. Our security protocols ensure the outright confidentiality of your data. Apart from all this, we are also acclaimed for providing economically feasible service to clients who prioritise cost over the speed of data recovery.

The scope of our well acclaimed work spreads across Nashik, Aurangabad, Mumbai and notably Pune.


Our USP : Reasons Why You Should Hire Us

Class 100 Cleanroom
We ensure that our labs are equipped with the certified level of temperature, humidity pressure and more so as to meet all the specifications of ISO class 100 clean room quality measures.
High Level Of Sterilization
We make use of special cleanroom clothing like a lab coat, gloves, beard covers and shoe covers, etc. to ensure that no alien particle contaminates the cleanroom environment.
No Data. No Charges
Our state of art expertise in handling the loss of data, has equipped us with best of the resources and technology. But there might turn out cases where recovery of lost data is unworkable. Therefore, we don’t charge our clients, if no data is recovered.
Zero Diagnostic Charges
Diagnosis of the problem is entirely free of cost. We don’t charge our clients for studying their problems. We prioritize client relation over the cost of examination.
Free Pickup And Delivery
We build relations and not just clients from the very first point of contact. Hence we put our client’s at ease by providing free pickup and delivery service.
Fast Turnaround Time
Since we are 360 degree equipped data recovery centre with the manual and technological resources available in right quantity at right time in right place; we hold pride in delivering our services in best possible time.
Data Safety And Confidentiality Assured
Our security protocols ensure the outright confidentiality and safety of client’s essential data. The trust our clients hold in us is our legacy to be continued for ages.Moreover we provide safe pickup and delivery of data devices in wooden boxes.
Rational And Transparent Costing
The monetary value attached to our services is based on fair and transparent system, wherein each set of services have an attached rate card. So no last moment change or hike in pricing is made from our end.And no prime cost is added to our existing rate card for any emergent need of data by our client.
Plethora Of Donor Hard Drives
Maintenance of huge store for hard disk donors so as to ensure fast recovery of data. DataCare Labs has a plethora of hard disks since 2001 in its lab, which very out rightly proves the level of professionalism and proficiency we have imbibed in our work culture.This also ensures faster recovery of data.

Key Services

Hard Disk Data Recovery
We provide complete data recovery from any type of hard disk drive if it gets damaged. If at any point, data recovery becomes irrecoverable, we do not charge our clients.
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Pen Drives Data Recovery
We help you to restore any pen drive data which have been lost or corrupted. Therefore, we put you at ease, when your sensitive or confidential data seems to be at risk of loss.
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SSD Data Recovery
We provide Solid State Drive services even when the SSD data gets lost due to SSD crash or failure. Therefore, never format the SSD in the case of error, but reach out to a trusted data recovery center.
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Laptop Data Recovery
Now a day’s laptops contain so much of personal and professional data, that their loss is more like a catastrophic attack to its user. The loss of data can occur because of reasons beyond the counting of our fingers. But you can always count on us, to retrieve your data at the economy of price and time.
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Mobile Data Recovery
We cater the data loss issue of the Android phone, Windows phone and iPhone. If your mobiles have suffered data loss because it got water damaged or had broken or became dead; we can recover your data in best possible time and manner.
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RAID Data Recovery
Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) possesses (possesses) highly compatible environment to prevent any sort of data loss or damage. Still, if any contingency occurs and data loss becomes irrevocable, DataCare Labs is your all time rescuer.
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Looking forward to a straightforward, conducive and economical solution to your lost data?

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Best Data recovery service in Pune. Has a clean room lab, provides timely response to problem. Successfully extracts lost data. Highly recommended.

Great Service with affordable prices. Recovered all my data from broken HDD like a piece of cake. Highly Professional, and trustworthy!

I was extremely happy because my data was recovered completely in just 1 day after my confirmation.

Capable to handle any type of data storage devices & recover the data. Extremely reliable & prompt services.

I recommend DataCare Labs for all those who want quality service for their data recovery service with cheaper price.

Number of other data recovery sw nd vendor had failed to recover the same and was told it cannot be recovered. Happy that i have got back all the imp data.

Amol Khadse Has Spend A Lot of Money For Buying The Right Equipment For Professional Data Recovery.

These guys recovered all my data some 2200 photos. Man I was so relieved that my trip to Brazil was not a waste.

Experienced Great Hard Disk Data Recovery Services from Mr. Amol Khadse, of DATACARE LABS..!!

Good professional service from DataCare Labs. My hard disk had crashed and would have lost all my data if DataCare Labs had not helped recover all the recoverable data.

My laptop's hard disk got corrupted and was in fear to loose my data. But DataCare Labs recovered my all valuable data with their expertise and I really thanks to them.